Here for Guitar lessons?

Thanks for stopping by my little place on the internet. I’ve been working professionally in the Music and Audio worlds for over 12 years now, teaching, performing, recording, and generally solving problems for a wide variety of clients from global broadcasters to local musicians and companies.

My abilities have led me to do some very interesting work, covering a huge range of things including recording albums with bands big and small, composing for new media, musical directing for theatre shows, audio post-production for international broadcast, building and operating live streaming stations for music and video, voiceovers for companies all over the world, and delivering masterclasses about music production here in the UK and abroad. 
I have a real passion for the Bass Guitar, Technology in general, and collaborating with hard-working musicians to create world-class results on stage, or off stage in the studio. I have also helped many aspiring musicians reach their own goals including admission to the best undergraduate courses in the country.