I have vast experience as a performer playing Electric Bass, in 4 and 6 string varieties. A strong sense of rhythm, impeccable improvisation, and sight reading abilities make for exciting performances in all Jazz and Popular styles.
I also have years and years of experience ‘depping’ for other musicians, and can seamlessly integrate into your musical performance. Being critical of tone and stylistics, it ensures a great sounding performance every time. Playing bass in some of the best north-east and UK-wide professional function bands including Groove Allstars, The Regulators, Emerald Thieves, Funk Conspiracy, The Imposters, Groove Central Station, and The Strictly Smokin’ Soul Band just to name a handful is what keeps me busy. Here’s an example of a typical performance scenario with NO rehearsal needed.

Not Now Charlie [Jazz]

With a love for jazz, rock, pop, neo soul and R&B it was inevitable that Not Now Charlie’s music would reflect many of these elements.  Melody and groove are at the heart of their playing and they aim to have even the non-jazz lover hooked.  Taking their influence from the likes of Christian Scott, Manu Katche, Chris Potter, Roller Trio and Joshua Redman yet still managing to create their own individual sound. Their debut was made at the Gateshead International Jazz Festival 2014 to an enthusiastic audience and had a great reception when they supported The Slowlight Quartet in Jan 2015.  They are planning to record a live EP for release in early 2016 on Jazz Sound Records.

Cyndi – The UK Theatre Tour [Pop]

I am very happy to be the Musical Director for a brand new Theatre production covering the entire career of Cyndi Lauper. This includes transcribing material from scratch, arranging the band, scoring all parts, creating click and cue tracks, and just generally overseeing the band. Again, my thorough experience with all aspects of band performances guarantees clear and efficient charts, along with getting the most out of all the talented players in the band.

 Ian Simmo and Friends [Blues]

I’ve been lucky to play a handful of blues gigs in this brilliant trio line up, which really lets me use the Bass Guitar to its full potential. We cover a range of blues styles as shown in this showreel video.