Production is a very broad term, but when made simple, it is the act of ensuring your finished artistic product is exactly how you want it to be, whether that be a band requiring a full studio album, a choir needing an on-site recording, a composer needing a final touch added to their mix, or even a corporate client requiring audio recordings for an automated phone system! Indeed, these are all jobs that I have handled previously.

My Approach

Many producers/engineers fail to communicate with their musical clients as they are not experienced enough in the musical side of things to make a good band sound even better. If your producer is not on the same page musically, how can you expect them to give genuine valuable input on the end product? I have major experience in this area, with skills such as Arrangement, Scoring for extra musicians, and a strong musical ear for Texture, Tonality and Timbre which when coupled with extensive Music Technology experience, creates world class recordings.


I am a highly experienced Pro Tools engineer and I use this industry-standard platform extensively to work quickly and effectively with all types of clients and briefs. I’m also very interested and experienced in computer hardware and software, meaning even the toughest sessions are kept up and running in the face of ever changing technology.


Working with me on your art opens up your work to professional Electric Bass, and Electric Guitar recordings from an experienced performer. Along with this, I’ve got links with the greatest working musicians in the area, including full brass ensembles, choirs, piano players, upright bass, and strings just to name a few!

Finishing the Mix

My most active area of work is Mixing, and this is what can make or break a production, changing it from flat and lifeless to an exciting audio experience that leaps out from your speakers

Location Location Location!

Recording can take place in a variety of spaces. A lot of larger ensembles prefer the comfort of their usual rehearsal space and this can sometimes yield the best result for groups such as choirs and brass ensembles. Recording on location is quickly becoming more and more appealing to groups and I have done this countless times to achieve great results either from a fully live performance to an audience, or in the relaxed atmosphere we can create together for bands to record. I also have my cherished home recording studio which is ideal for tracking solo artists, overdubs, editing, mixing, and mastering. For bands, I have links with many larger rooms in the North East to capture Drum Kits and/or full band performances. I also engineer frequently at the great Blast Recording, and Loft Music Studios in Newcastle Upon Tyne.