High Quality Live Streaming with Perfect Sound

Single Camera

Starting from £150

Break even with only 30 ticket sales at £5

A super sharp image of your stage, along with professional broadcast audio that will sound great on all devices.

Dual Camera

Starting from £200

Break even with only 40 ticket sales at £5

A super sharp image of your stage, along with a second angle. Perfect for larger ensembles.

Operated Camera

Starting from £250

Break even with only 50 ticket sales at £5

Give your fans an experience to remember with a camera operator capturing all the action

More Details

Your performance deserves world-class broadcast mixing to your potentially global audience. Using my years of experience as a recording engineer for all styles of music, I deliver crystal-clear broadcast mixes that sound good everywhere.

Completely separate from your Front-of-House mix, I can interface with many popular live desks to capture clean signals and deliver exceptional results. My audio-first approach guarantees a more immersive live stream event with no complaints about sync or poor sound that can plague events using so-called “desk mixes” or even just untouched camera mic audio.

I can operate FoH and Monitors as well for smaller events giving a complete turnkey solution for your event, or integrate easily with larger shows. After the show, the full multitrack is then available for further refinement or future release.

Video content can start from a single stationary camera giving a sharp and professional image of the stage, going up to 4 separate cameras with operators, giving your live stream an edge against the competition, fully expressing the vibrant and exciting feeling of being there.

All cameras are 1080p full HD, without the common pitfalls seen so often such as mismatched frame rates, de-interlacing artefacts, or synchronisation problems.

Your livestream can be sent to many popular locations such as Facebook Pages, YouTube, Twitch, and many more. You can also broadcast to multiple pages at the same time, capturing the biggest audience possible.

You can also interact with your audience directly, further engaging them and making them feel part of the show.

The stream footage is captured, along with multitrack audio and is yours to keep at source quality. This opens up opportunities for more content after the show.

Branding can be applied to any stream, including custom graphics for starting, ending, and intermissions. You can also place any idents required, lower thirds, and more.

There are various methods to monetise your performance, including donation links that can be embedded in the stream, using private stream links for ticket buyers, or native solutions from third parties. 

Livestreaming is also a great way to increase income from gigs that have limited audience participation due to COVID-19 restrictions!

Ethernet-based Internet Connection (at least 10Mb upload)
Enough space for cameras and ambient audience microphones to be placed safely
Space for the livestream workstation (next to FoH)
Time for a post-soundcheck mix stream sound and sync test. 

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